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China's leading provider of comprehensive commerical weather solutions, located at the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi

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Wuxi Ninecosmos Science And Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise jointly held by Tsinghua University, located at the National Supercomputer Center in Wuxi, focusing on atmospheric and Marine forecasting and commercial meteorological services. We are the leading company in China, pioneering integration of integrates supercomputing, numerical simulation and artificial intelligence. We provide meteorological solutions for commercial meteorology, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent agriculture, intelligent energy, transportation and shipping, disaster prevention and reduction, smart city, finance and insurance and other industries.
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Smart Meteorology

Providing customized forecasting products not limited to ports, river basins and bay areas

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Ocean Shipping

Meteorological solutions for aviation, shipping and navigation

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Atmospheric Environemntal Protection

Providing air quality forecasting, rapid pollutant source and diffusion analysis and whole process control

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Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Typhoon, storm surge, and flooding prevention

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Big Data Fusion

Fast, intelligent fusion and multi-spectrum data analysis

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Solutions for high performance computing, optimization and data analysis

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Intelligent Energy

Wind and solar energy site evaluation power forecasting meterological disaster warning

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Intelligent Agriculture

Monitoring and crop yield estimation solutions, insurance forecasting and analysis

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Smart City

Helping to build smart cities and accelerating development of the smart economy

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Smart Meteorology Ocean Shipping Atmospheric Environe... Disaster Prevention ... Big Data Fusion HPC Intelligent Energy Intelligent Agricult... Smart City


Ninecosmos' intelligent weather forecasting engine combines big data, artificial intelligence technology, numerical simulation technology and other cutting-edge technology, and is capable of covering weather, climate, air quality, storm surge, wave, tide and other collection product shelves, As Ninecosmos' core platform, it can be tailored to user specific scenarios and is capable of supporting various project R&D and product development efforts.
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05/27 2024

Ninecosmos and DNV Reach Cooperation to Jointly Promote Maritime Decarbonization

The Ninecosmos Science and Technology, leading pro...
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