Intelligent Agriculture

Smart Agriculture Integration Platform

Product Introduction

As an intelligent agriculture integration platform, we are capable of providing real-time monitoring of crop planting area, growth, disaster prevention and yield prediction. In addition, through the use of satellite remote sensing, meteorological data and crop growth mechanism models, we are able to to provide fertilization and irrigation guidance, reduce production and field management costs, and contribute to ecologically sustainable mode of agriculture. 

Product Characteristics

  • Refined weather forecasting

  • Yield prediction + tillage guidance

  • Refined field management

Product Function

1) Meteorological Guidance-- provides temperature and precipitation distribution and grade for selected areas

2) Agricultural Condition Monitoring-- monitors crops growth, crop area, soil moisture, disease and pests

3) Yield estimate -- capable of providing crop yield per unit area as well as total yield estimate and rate of change of yield

4) Tillage Guidance-- remote sensing data, crop growth models and meteorological data provide the basis for irrigation and fertilization guidance

5) Agricultural Insurance--provides risk quantification services in the form of agricultural and natural disaster insurance based on results from crop growth, yield forecasts and disaster loss models

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