Atmospheric Environemntal Protection

Ninecosmos' Integrated Control Platform

Product Introduction

NineCosmos' environmental and air protection solution is enabled by the Sunway Taihulight supercomputer system, built around a core of ecological environmental data and featuring emerging IoT technology in combination with satellite remote sensing, multi-source data fusion, integrated data mining, multiple model evaluation, artificial intelligence analysis and other technical means. Capabilities such as environmental big data collection, air quality forecasting and early warning, accurate source and diffusion assessment of pollutants, intelligent analysis of environmental decision-making, environmental grid supervision, environmental emergency management and control, and end to end event delivery are realized around core functionalities and enable customization of precise, scientific and efficient air environment management schemes for clients to receive comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.

Product Characteristics

■ Big Data, Supercomputer Support-- Mature and stable platform for interfacing and processing of data, superior safety and compute capabilities form the basis for an ecological data center

■ Multiple Models, Accurate Forecasting-- Multi-model ensemble forecasting with CMAQ and CAMX effectively reduce the uncertainty of single-model forecasting, integration of real-time pollution data into system to increase accuracy of forecast

■ AI augmentation, Temporal Optimization-- Deep learning AI capabilities is utilized to provide near 72 hour short term air quality forecast for rapid response and minimal data dependency

■ Intelligent Analysis and Precise Tracing-- Provides precise trace and diffusion simulation models of pollution sources, allowing district and country environmental management departments to better control the emission characteristics of pollutants, analyze the causes of pollution, and formulate pollution reduction strategies

■ Smart, Closed-Loop Control-- Integration of massive data mining and big data platform, realizing closed loop system of air pollution decision management, from pollution prediction to emergency plan formulation, to control and effect evaluation

Product Architecture

Service Case

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