Ninecosmos NIO Safeguards the Transportation of Oversized Equipment for Multi-Functional Deck Cargo Ships

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As China continues to increase its efforts in offshore energy development, there is an increasing demand for the maritime transportation of various oversized equipment. However, during the loading/unloading, port entry/exit, and maritime transportation processes, these equipment are prone to external forcings such as wind and wave splash, leading to movement, tilting, failure of cushioning materials, and localized deformation of the ship's hull. Therefore, precise and professional meteorological navigation services are important factors in ensuring the safety of oversized equipment maritime transportation.

Recently, Ninecosmos, a leading domestic commercial meteorological service provider, offered meteorological navigation services for two large multi-functional deck cargo ships of a large state-owned enterprise through its Ninecosmos NIO team.

At the outset of the service, the client expressed the need to enhance precise forecasting for target ports and waves and currents in the Yangtze River to ensure the safety of cargo, vessels, and personnel during port loading/unloading operations and maritime transportation by oversized equipment. Conventional international maritime meteorological navigation services no longer meet the client's requirements.

The Ninecosmos NIO technical team, based on the customer's needs and relied on its own strengths in meteorological forecasting and artificial intelligence technology, innovatively combines differential analysis and down-scaling techniques to "tailor" meteorological forecast data for port berths and the Yangtze River estuary. Results indicate that this method can effectively improve the accuracy of weather forecasts for wind, waves, and currents in coastal areas and the Yangtze River.

The Ninecosmos NIO operation team, in addition to regular meteorological forecast information dissemination, has established customer communication groups to promptly update progress, address customer inquiries, and coordinate with the technical team to actively respond to customer needs, swiftly resolving any issues that trouble the customers and ensuring close and considerate service to customers. Particularly at critical points such as before ship departure and arrival at ports, they proactively provide customers with pertinent meteorological forecast results and alerts regarding abnormal wave and current conditions, truly embodying the principle of "thinking what the customer thinks, thinking ahead of the customer, and reassuring the customer".

As of mid-May 2024, both multi-functional deck cargo ships have safely arrived at their destination ports and completed unloading operations on schedule. The meteorological navigation service has been successfully completed. The high-quality service provided by the Ninecosmos NIO team has been highly recognized and appreciated by the customer.

The Ninecosmos NIO team will continue to uphold the principle of "customer first," persistently enhance their own technical expertise and service capabilities and commit to contributing to the development of China's maritime industry.

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