The Ninecosmos “NIO”, injecting powerful wisdom and strength into Chinese navigation

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In2023, the dry bulk chartering industry in Chinais developing firmly and intrepidly into a new era with great challenges and opportunities. The professionals in Chinese chartering industry are trying to adapt to and control the development pace of the open world economy energetically, e.g., they participate in the formulation and reform of international protocols, continuously enhancing the influence and voice of China in the international stage of chartering industry. 

As the leading commercial shipping service provider, the Ninecosmos Science and Technologyis committed to contributing its wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of Chinese navigation industry. 

On Dec. 15, Ji Xiao, Vice President of Operations of Ninecosmos Science and Technology Shipping Department, attended the Fifth China Shipping Association” in Fuzhou, along with the operation and sales teams. At theassociation, NineCosmos Science and Technologymet with nationwide shipping industry elites, discussing and planning the future trend and prospect of Chinese shipping industry.

The “First National MaritimeYouth AcademicForum”, jointly organized by Dalian Maritime University, Wuhan University of Technology, Shanghai Maritime University and Jimei University, was held in Dalian from Dec.15 to 16.The theme of this forum is “Intelligent, Safe and Green Navigation and Maritime Technology”, focusing on thecutting-edge issues and challenges and aiming to explore and discuss the frontier technology,innovation research and future developmentin the field of navigation and maritime. 

Dr. Zhou Zheng, CEO and General Manager of Ninecosmos Science and Technology, was invited to attend the forum and gave a wonderful presentation.

Dr. Zhou Zheng gave a detailed introduction on our core product - "NIO" the smart navigation system for ocean shipping. He pointed out that Ninecosmos Science and Technology aims to break the monopoly of foreign capital on the ocean shipping meteorological navigation services, and let Chinese ships use our own meteorological navigation.   

As the leading commercial meteorological navigation service company in China, Ninecosmos Science and Technology have served over 4800 voyages for domestic and international clients. Our product “NIO” integrates technologies such as weather forecast, ship hydrodynamic analysis, historical data and routing algorithms, providing our clients with the safest, time-saving, fuel-efficient, low-carbon and comfortable route recommendations. 

Dr. Zhou Zheng emphasized that Ninecosmos Science and Technology will continue to collaborate with the top domestic and international technologies, create an integrated shipping ecological service system and commit todeveloping into a global leading commercial meteorological service company.

Ninecosmos Science and Technology takes the domestic substitutions as the developing foundation, insists on the development path of global competition, and actively assists the construction of maritime power. Standing on the new starting point, Ninecosmos Science and Technology will continue to forge ahead with greater determination and confidence, and make greater contributions to becoming the leading commercial meteorological navigation service company in China. 

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