Director Hu Lijun of Ningbo Meteorological Bureau Visits Ninecosmos

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On July 2, 2024, a delegation of eight from the Ningbo Meteorological Bureau, led by Director Hu Lijun of the Ningbo Meteorological Network and Equipment Support Center, visited Ninecosmos. Dr. Zhou Zheng, CEO of Ninecosmos, along with the team, warmly welcomed the visitors and engaged in detailed discussions on the applications of supercomputing and intelligent computing in meteorological forecasting and services.

Dr. Zhou Zheng expressed a warm welcome to Director Hu Lijun and the delegation, and introduced the development history and technological evolution ofNinecosmos to the group.

Ninecosmos has had a long-standing collaboration with the Ningbo Meteorological Bureau. Currently, the commercial meteorological services of Ninecosmos have expanded into multiple fields including maritime shipping, smart environmental protection, and new energy, and have launched an AI oceanic large model. In the future, Ninecosmos will continue to enhance and leverage its capabilities in big data processing, artificial intelligence, numerical models, and high-performance technology to provide high-quality meteorological service supports to the bureau.

Director Hu Lijun highly commended the work in constructing the "Ningbo Ultra-Large Port Cluster Meteorological Service Demonstration Subsystem" and expressed high hopes for Ninecosmos to further integrate with the bureau's in-construction observational systems to enhance the bureau's forecasting service capabilities.

Deputy Director Zhang Jingjing of the Ningbo Meteorological Bureau's Forecast Division, Deputy Director Kong Yang of the Ningbo Meteorological Service Center, and other members of the delegation also expressed hopes to strengthen cooperation in the development of refined forecasting systems, high-performance technology, and other areas. They look forward to enhancing collaboration and exchange in radar observation to improve visibility forecasts, constructing ensemble forecast products based on multi-model datasets, and downscaling model data, in line with the bureau's practical application needs.

Ninecosmos expressed deep gratitude to Director Hu Lijun and the delegation members for their recognition and trust. The team stated that Ninecosmos is willing to contribute its accumulated experience in supercomputing, intelligent computing, and the meteorological field to support the high-quality development of meteorological services in Ningbo, and to offer advice and contribute to the development plan for the meteorological industry during the Fifteenth Five-Year Plan period.

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