Ninecosmos Becomes a Founding Member of the Satellite Internet Marine Industry Alliance

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Inresponse to the important expositionsofPresident Xi Jinpingon developing new forms of productive forces and significant remarks during the visit to Shandong, the "Xinghai Internet Technology Forum" was grandly held at the Qingdao World Expo City Conference Center on June 28.


Li Sheng, Vice President of Ninecosmos Maritime Shipping Business Department, along with members of the R&D team, attended the forum as invited guests.

The forum, themed around "The Development of Satellite Internet and Marine Industry", engaged in cutting-edge technological exchanges in areas such as satellite internet, marine environmental monitoring, marine environmental safety assurance, intelligent ships, maritime traffic intelligent management, and low-altitude economy.

The "Satellite Internet Marine Industry Alliance" was officially established during the forum, withNinecosmos and the Support Center of the North China Sea Bureau of the Ministry of Natural Resources among the 15 units awarded membership.


The Satellite Internet Marine Industry Allianceaims to advocate for memberto establish a collaborative mechanism for capacity building, resource sharing, and information exchange, creating a diverse and open-access communication platform. It seeks to consolidate the advantages of members in equipment, technology, and talent, promoting the integration of "production, education, research, and application" to lead the development of cutting-edge technologies inChina satellite internet marine industry.


The alliance will focus on cultivating the satellite internet marine industry chain and ecosystem in the future, by constructing an open industrial platform to integrate industry resources and establish a national satellite internetmarine industry alliance, leading the industry's development.

Ninecosmos originated from Tsinghua University and the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, consistently adhering to the national strategy of "domestic ships and domestic navigation." Its independently developed NIO formaritime shipping weather routing has successfully broken the foreign monopoly. Relying on itsproprietary AI-GOMS large model,Ninecosmos is dedicated to more accurate marine weather forecasting,maritime ship route planning, ship monitoring and dispatch management, and carbon emission management, providing modern shipping enterprises with more advanced and reliable weather routing services and comprehensive green shipping solutions.


In the future, Ninecosmos will collaborate with alliance members, fully utilizing the global coverage, low latency, and high bandwidth of high-quality independent satellite communications to obtain real-time information on marine environments and ship conditions. It will develop new-generationmaritime ship navigation technologies to more efficiently adjust ship routes, optimizevoyage paths, and enhancevoyage safety and efficiency. Additionally,Ninecosmos will work with alliance members to contribute to the development of China's marine economy, marine information services, and the construction of marine big data.

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