The Ninecosmos NIO WBX World Breakbulk Expo Successfully Ended!

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Promoting thegreen andlow-carbon transformation and development is a major issue facing China and the world's shipping industry. Since the beginning of 2024, the shipping industry has been included in thenew trend of the European Union's carbon emissions trading system, indicating that "carbon management" and "carbon reduction" are not just slogans but the inevitable path for the future development of shipping enterprises.

From March 25th to 26th, theNinecosmos MaritimeShipping Business team,carryingthe newly upgraded NIO system for ocean shipping meteorological navigation (hereinafter referred to as "NIO"), participated in the WBX 2024World Breakbulk Expo. The teampresented two new modules of the NIO system: the ship carbon emissions solution and the fleet management platform, joining more than 130 global enterprises to explore cooperation and win-win opportunities, and to witness the grand event of the industry together!

Building uponthe existing services,the Ninecosmos NIO brings new services in "carbon emissions management" and "fleet management" to the global shipping industry, assisting in the scalable development of global shipping enterprises andthe precise management of carbon emissions.

During the expo,the Ninecosmos NIO attracted attention from attendeesacross various circles, with a bustling atmosphere at the booth. TheNinecosmos team greeted visitors with enthusiasm,and provided detailed introductions of products and technologies to both new and existing customers. Simultaneously, they engaged infurther discussions and negotiations with stakeholders from the global shipping industry, exploring future cooperation opportunities and development directions.

On March 26th, the expoended successfully.Ninecosmos sincerely thanks everyone forthe guidance and support. In the future, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing modern shipping enterprises with more advanced, considerate, economical, and trustworthy meteorological navigation services and comprehensive shipping solutions.

What is WBX?

The World Breakbulk Expo (WBX) is an international B2B exhibition platform focusing on the logistics and transportation industries in the field of project cargo and traditional breakbulk, held annually at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. 

WBX connects logistics suppliers of various transportation modes, including sea, land, and air, with cargo owners in need of transportation services. These cargo owners include engineering contractors, industrial manufacturers, and principle decision-makers responsible for the transportation procurement of project cargo (such as heavy, oversized, irregular goods) in the oil and gas companies, steel and coal enterprises.

According to the organizers, this year's WBX has expanded by 30% compared to the last year, with participation from over 130 global companies. The number of visitors on the first day increased by 20% compared to 2023, and international visitors increased by 36%. Additionally, the expo hosted seven major thematic forums, 16 expert speeches, and case sharing sessions.

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