China Meteorological Service Association (CMSA) President Xu Xiaofeng and the Delegation Visit Ninecosmos

Release time:26,Mar 2024   Number of visits:122      Source:Wuxi Ninecosmos Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

On March 23rd, Xu Xiaofeng, President of China Meteorological Service Association (CMSA) and former Deputy Director of China Meteorological Administration, along with Vice Secretary General Wen Wei, and Wang Siye, General Manager of Dufeng Technology, visited Ninecosmos. Dr. Zhou Zheng, CEO of Ninecosmos Science and Technology, Dr. Liang Yishuang, CTO, Party Branch Secretary Han Qiufang, Operations Director Xu Libing, Vice President of Maritime Shipping Business Department Li Sheng, and Dr. Liu Zhuang from Meteorology and Ocean Business Department accompanied the delegation.

President Xu and the delegation visited the National Supercomputing Wuxi Center, the Ninecosmos exhibition hall and office areas. They acquired detailed insights into the company's development history and future plans.

After the visit, President Xu and the delegation had a further discussion with our company on topics such as independent technological innovation and the integration of production and research experiences.

During the symposium, Dr. Liang Yishuang introduced relevant carried-out projects of Ninecosmos in the fields of numerical modeling, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing. Li Sheng provided a detailed introduction to the company's core products such as the "NIO Ocean Shipping Meteorological Navigation" and fleet management platform. President Xu conducted a further discussion and evaluation on our company's research and development capabilities, core technologies, and product services.

President Xu fully acknowledged the achievements of Ninecosmos in maritime weather routing and other commercial meteorological services. He encouraged the company to persist in technological innovation breakthroughs in weather routing products, break foreign monopolies, and assist domestic shipping and navigation. He suggested that the company should diversify its product development, leverage the "salt" effect of meteorology, and serve various industries empowered by meteorology.

President Xu also stated that CMSA will continue to play its role in promoting the construction and development of the meteorological ecosystem, strengthening communication and cooperation among its members, and enhancing the application of satellite data, radar data, and high-resolution meteorological forecast data.

Dr. Zhou Zheng expressed gratitude to President Xu and the delegation for their recognition, encouragement, and suggestions He also thanked CMSA for its care and support for the company's development over the years.

As a member of the CMSA, Ninecosmos will continue to uphold the principles of the association and actively leverage the advantages in the fields of smart meteorology, artificial intelligence and supercomputing, empowering various industries and contributing to the high-quality development of China's meteorological industry.

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