Big Data Fusion

Product Introduction

Through statistical analysis and data fusion, NineCosmos carries out comprehensive optimization and integration on multi-source, multi-dimensional, and cross-industrial datasets supported by artificial intelligence and supercomputing assets. Capable of recovering data and even reconstructing historical data to meet the most rigorous temporal and spatial resolutions, NineCosmos is well positioned to provide environmental protection support for all manner of production, operations and military activities.

Product characteristics

  • It can realize fast intelligent fusion and assimilation of multi-source data

  • High precision of fusion data

  • High spatial resolution (1/4 degree worldwide)

  • Long time span, good continuity (1950 to present, day/month)

Application Case

1950s meteorological data was reconstructed without any real monitoring data through artifical intelligence and supercomputing technologies for the marine equipment support service of the PLAN.

Application Scenario

Satellite and reanalysis data in conjunction with data from Argo was run through our supercomputing assets augmented by artificial intelligence, realizing reconstruction and forecasting of three dimensional marine factor fields, providing hydrometeorological data support services for industrial activity including aquaculture and offshore operations.

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