High Performance Computing and Science Engineering Computing

NineCosmos Technologies provides high-performance computing solutions for computation intensive and data intensive applications such as large-scale scientific computing, numerical simulation, data warehouse, data mining, computing visualization, etc. through a combination of cloud computing, big data, deep learning and other technologies. We provide customers with a high-performance data processing platform for scientific computing, and expands the scale of data processing. Enhance computing capacity, reduce construction costs, and improving production efficiency through shortening of the research and development cycle, increasing the core competitiveness of enterprises. 

Application areas cover meteorology, Marine, petroleum, industrial simulation, nuclear energy, pharmaceutical, environmental monitoring and analysis system simulation, banking, securities, decision support system, etc

Parallel Program Design and Modification Services

NineCosmos provides parallel programming design and optimization services, able to choose appropriate technical frameworks to customize and build specific software systems to ensure business needs are met through accurate assessment of situational resources and existing software and solutions. 

Supercompute Resource Leasing and Technical Support Services

NineCosmos provides compute resource leasing, maintenance and consulting services for science and engineering projects. Resources include Intel, Sunway, and Nvidia platforms. Services provided also include parallel algorithm relocalization and optimization, technical consulting on supercomputer system use, and technical consulting on supercomputer system, parallel computing methods, software development, etc. ,along with consulting and training on application software of high-performance earth systems science models and operation and maintenance of supercomputer systems. 

Model Parallelization and Acceleration

NineCosmos provides a simplified and user-friendly interface from which the user can automatically generate simulations, realize automatic parallel computations, automatically call a variety of heterogeneous computing resources, greatly accelerate the calculation performance, and support the whole process of the design, development, debugging verification, release and application of the model flexibly and efficiently,by simply editing a few simple formulas.

Product Characteristics

■ Supports x86, GPU and Sunway architectures

■ High degree of automation

■ High parallel efficiency

■ Modular Design, Easy Maintenance

■ Decreases Threshold for Model Development

Application Cases

1) Refined OCF forecast for China Meteorological Administration

Original 6 hours of computation time was reduced to 7 minutes and 47 seconds through optimization, an over 40x increase in speed.

2) GRAPES Global/Regional model of China Meteorological Administration 

Optimization improved I/O performance by a factor of 10, overall computing efficiency increased by 20%.

3) Wave Model MASNUM, First Oceanography Institute, State Oceanic Administration

I/O performance increased over 36 times after optimization, overall compute efficiency increased by 30%.

4) Universal Operator Ocean Mode GOMO

After product optimization, product code was reduced from 4000 to 2000 lines.

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