Intelligent Energy

New energy meteorological support system

Product Introduction

NineCosmos provides wind and solar farm siting services up to and including landscape resource assessment and modeling, power prediction and meteorological disaster warning, providing one-stop services for electric field location, power grid dispatching and electric field operation and maintenance management.

Product Characteristics

■ High efficiency/accuracy numerical forecasting model

■ AI and deep learning enhanced prediction

■ 100 meter and minute scale high resolution modeling

■ Customizable forecast adaptable to regional characteristics, timely response

Product Function

1) Landscape Resource Assessment and Modeling-- landscape resource assessments are carried out through meterological, remote sensing, and satellite data in conjunction with location and scale of the power plant to assist siting selection

2) Power forecasting-- Wind and solar power assessments are provided through high precision weather forecasting in order to meet the demands of power grid dispatching and improve generative efficiency

3) Early Meteorological Disaster Warning-- meteorological disaster early warning and real-time monitoring services ensure the stability of power generation and transmission, turbine and fan protection, solar panels, power grids and other facilities, and provide electric field operation and maintenance guarantee.

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